Stable Isotope Labeled Compound

      Over the recent years application of Stable Isotope Labeled Compound has soared through the variety of research areas, including the following ones:

1. Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy (MRI/MRS), NMR, PET
2. Drug discovery
3. Protein structure determination, proteomics, metabolic research,
4. Mass spectroscopy internal standards
5. Metabolism and in metabolism-mediated toxicity studies
6. Drug metabolism, pharmacokinetic and toxicity studies
7. Labeled Vitamins
8. Labeled Steroids
9. Tracing study
10. Reaction mechanism study
11. Agriculture study
12. Oceanography
13. Hydrology
14. Climate change
15. Forensic science
16. Nutrition and dietary research
17. ...



        Due to the extended applications of stable isotope labeled compounds, one of the most important goals of Mesbah Energy Company is to produce stable isotope labeled compounds. Right now, we are running several projects with corporation of universities and research institutes in this field, and we hope to reveal some of our stable isotope labeled products in near future. Also, we invite all of researchers and institutes to take part in to this project to synthesis and extend the application of stable isotope labeled compounds.

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