About Us

       Mesbah Energy Company is the Middle East’s premier producer and analyzer of stable isotope compounds. This company was established in order to produce and analyze stable isotope compounds, stable isotope labeled compounds, and NMR solvents. Over the recent years Mesbah Energy Company has been specialized in the development, production, analysis and marketing of stable isotopes and stable isotope labeled compounds.
       At first stage, due to the importance and necessity for deutrated solvents, and to serve the  Iranian scientists and research community, we focused on this research area. In this direction, we have produced more than 20 deuterated compounds, and we are going to increase our product to 200 compounds by 2020. Our products are utilized in laboratories, medical centers, governmental and academic research institutes, and health care facilities all over the Iran. Also, we hope to export our products all over the world in near future.
        Moreover, due to the ever-increasing peaceful applications of stable isotope compounds, and their strategic role in newly-born industrial world, we are going to enrich other stable isotopes, and produce related stable isotope labeled compounds, too. Related to this issue, our goal is to produce all other frequently used stable isotopes so that we will not only meet our country requirement, but also, we will export our products all over the world.  
        Finally, our company is working on both stable isotope and other compounds analysis. Our analysis laboratories including stable isotope ratio analysis lab and water analysis lab are equipped with variety of high-tech instruments to provide our customer with best services. Regarding to stable isotope ratio analysis, we could analyze H/D and 18O/16O of water from ultra depleted to natural concentration, applying laser spectroscopy techniques. Also, our water lab is one the best labs through-out our country in the case of analyzing organic and inorganic contamination of water.
       Our aim is to be a dependable source for researchers and institutions in the whole district, considering three main driving principles, quality, reliability, and affordability.

FT-IR Spectrometer